Over the course of his career, Dr. Updegraff has developed a detailed system that guides his patients throughout their entire Precision LASIK™ experience.

This system, which makes up The Updegraff Experience, begins the moment you decide Dr. Updegraff the Laser Guy is the best surgeon to do your LASIK surgery. It extends throughout your consultation, the day of your LASIK surgery, and your post-operative appointments – and lasts for the rest of your life.

Ultimately, The Updegraff Experience makes sure you are completely taken care of and feel comfortable at every step along the way. Because of this, people from every state, more than 50 countries, and five continents – including professional athletes, attorneys, judges, doctors, and others whose careers depend upon their eyesight – have chosen Dr. Updegraff as their LASIK surgeon. Request a consultation today to see for yourself why you, too, should choose The Updegraff Experience.


One of the key components of The Updegraff Experience is Dr. Updegraff himself. Because he’s been performing LASIK surgery every week for nearly two decades, it’s hard to find another doctor who has done more procedures. In addition to working with LASIK since its beginnings overseas – prior to his involvement in FDA clinical trials – Dr. Updegraff also earned patents for developing its instruments, techniques, and technologies.

Your surgeon’s experience and training can be critical in ensuring that you will have a successful outcome, so it’s important to find out if he or she has subspecialty training – as well as exactly how many blade-free, all-laser LASIK procedures he or she has performed. Dr. Updegraff invested in femtosecond laser flap technology more than seven years ago, when most corporate centers believed it was a “gimmick” and chose to provide the cheaper, riskier bladed LASIK, so he has nearly a decade of experience with it.

Many times, these corporate centers will advertuse the total number of all-laser LASIK procedures performed throughout all of their centers, but not list the total volume for any particular doctor. Even more deceptive is when they quote a surgeon’s total volume, but include in this number the older, bladed LASIK as well as all-laser LASIK. Blade-free, all-laser LASIK is still surgery and has its own unique learning curve and clinical nuances for an eye surgeon.

On the other hand, Dr. Updegraff is the only surgeon at Updegraff Vision. This means you are guaranteed to directly benefit from his experience and skill. To learn more about Dr. Updegraff’s experience, click on About Dr. Updegraff.


We have always believed that we don’t just have patients – we have relationships. This focus on patients means that those exploring Precision LASIK™ have someone they can trust and can turn to when they need answers or reassurance.

The Updegraff Experience ensures that we are invested in patient care and committed to giving you the best treatment possible. No matter how many procedures Dr. Updegraff has performed, he has always believed in this mantra: “I am only as good as my last case.” He takes every step to make sure your LASIK surgery gives you the best possible results, and he’ll continue to treat any patient who has ever received LASIK from him, whether it is six months or 10 years later.

Another part of The Updegraff Experience means ensuring you are comfortable at all times. Dr. Updegraff will personally meet with you before surgery, to make sure all of your questions are answered and that you are comfortable and prepared for LASIK. During your procedure, a staff member will be there to hold your hand the entire time. You also have the option of taking a mild sedative prior to surgery, to help you relax. This level of comfort assures you that we’re all there, together, focused on you, your eyes, and your outcome.

Dr. Updegraff will only perform LASIK if he thinks it’s the best choice for you and your individual eyes. Unlike some of the mass-production corporate centers that may have quotas to fill, Dr. Updegraff isn’t trying to sell you anyhing. If he doesn’t believe LASIK is right for you, he will recommend other options, such as lens implantsICL, or remaining with your contacts and glasses. In fact, we find that about 20% of patients who come to Dr. Updegraff for a LASIK consultation are not good candidates for it, and so he won’t perform LASIK for them.

Updegraff Vision


Since opening Updegraff Vision in 1996, Dr. Updegraff has sought to provide only the best environment in which to treat his patients. Our LASIK suites are maintained with the sterility of a surgery center, are private, and are climate-controlled with HEPA filters for humidity, dust, and debris. During surgery, Dr. Updegraff wears gloves, and he requires that everyone inside (including the patient) wear a “lint-free” surgical gown – things that many other LASIK centers do not do. Dr. Updegraff takes every available precaution to ensure that you have the best possible outcome, including maintaining a state-of-the-art facility.


Dr. Updegraff is a firm believer in offering not only his unique skill set, but in providing the best available technology. For instance, he adopted Wavefront-Guided Technology in 2003, and in 2005 bought a half-million dollar laser to make flaps. This amazing technology, paired with Dr. Updegraff’s surgical skill, has increased safety and significantly decreased the need for re-treatments.

Dr. Updegraff does not allow patients to be treated with cheaper, older technology, because he believes that’s not the right thing to offer his patients. Many corporate providers, on the other hand, only recently began offering bladeless LASIK and Wavefront treatments, and instead of having this technology as the standard of care – as it is with Precision LASIK™ by Updegraff – their patients must choose to pay more to “upgrade” to it. The result is that patients end up paying the same amount as they would have for Precision LASIK™, but without the benefit of a surgeon such as Dr. Updegraff.


Dr. Updegraff has always believed in the benefits of owning his own practice, rather than working for a larger, often corporate, center. This allows him to focus on quality rather than just trying to meet shareholders’ expectations – for instance, it gives him the liberty to vet the newest technologies himself and invest in them when he believes in their appreciable benefits to his patients.

It has also allowed him to hire one of the most talented and professional staff in the country to focus on the care of your eyes. Most of Dr. Updegraff’s staff has been with the practice for 10 or more years. Their loyalty and dedication to Dr. Updegraff and the practice is a testament to the belief that they are helping create positive change in patients’ lives every day.

Dr. Updegraff is the only surgeon, and he owns the facility and all of his lasers, so it’s clear that he is motivated and dedicated to providing the best possible care. He takes sole responsibility for each patient and each LASIK surgery, and he will continue to care for you as far into the future as you need.