“Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? This analogy often came to mind as I pondered my decision to have LASIK. It spoke to me because the eye tissue is healthy, yet it still requires vision correction. I was referred to Dr. Updegraff by a longtime friend who said he was the best. So, although I was still apprehensive, I took a chance. I contacted Dr. Updegraff’s office and scheduled my initial consultation. From the very start, Dr. Updegraff and his staff took the apprehension away. I felt comfortable and did not feel any pressure to have the procedure. After surgery, I opened my eyes and for the first time in 35 years, I could see without glasses or contacts! Thank you, Dr. Updegraff for pursuing excellence, training and maintaining a staff that supports your endeavor. I can’t wait to go play with my kids, look into my wife’s eyes and enjoy this gift.”
John Mitchell (LASIK, June 2014)

“Having LASIK was the second best decision I ever made, but choosing Dr. Updegraff as my surgeon was my first! I am able to see things I could NEVER see with my glasses or contacts. Having complete freedom from glasses and contacts is such a great gift that I will cherish forever. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Updegraff and his staff!”
Valerie Velazquez (LASIK, June 2014)

“From the moment I walked into Updegraff Laser Vision I felt a positive energy. The staff was warm and friendly and gave me a sense of ease over having such a life changing procedure. The surgery was quick and painless. After waking up, my first reaction was tears of joy. I went from being unable to see anything a foot in front of me to having perfect vision. After 20 years of wearing glasses, I am truly blessed to be able to see without any contact lenses. Thank you God, Dr. Updegraff and staff for giving me back the amazing gift of vision.”
Richard V. (LASIK, April 2014)

“My experience with Dr. Updegraff, his professional staff and the entire organization far exceeded my expectations. At every turn, questions and apprehensions were provided with medical evidence that supported our course of action. In my opinion, Dr. Updegraff runs and operates a world-class laser vision center!”
Aaron J. Masaitis (LASIK, March 2014)

“All of the staff at Updegraff Laser Vision were very friendly and informative and really helped put me at ease. Each step of the procedure was explained thoroughly and Dr. Updegraff was very patient and professional. I received a high quality of care and am extremely happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Updegraff to anyone having a refractive procedure.”
David Ward (LASIK, March 2014)

“Dr. Updegraff and his team were extremely professional and efficient. In each step of the process, someone was available to answer my questions and offer assistance. Based on family and friends recommendations, I chose Dr. Updegraff to perform my LASIK, but I still felt I needed to do a little research for myself. Everything I read convinced me that Dr. Updegraff was the best. I was still nervous about the surgery but Dr. Updegraff and his team talked me through the entire procedure. And, it was nice to have someone holding my hand during surgery! Pre-op and post-op instructions were very clear so I never needed to call the office for more details. All around, it was a great experience.”
Joann Runk (LASIK, March 2014)

“I chose Dr. Updegraff for my LASIK care before I had even met him. His name was the first and only name that came up when talking to people about getting LASIK. Once I met Dr. Updegraff and his staff during my consultation, I realized why! They were all fantastic. Prior to surgery, Dr. Updegraff went out of his way to meet with me again to answer any final questions or concerns. During the surgery, he talked me through the entire process so I knew exactly what was going on, which put me at ease. Recovery was fast, and being able to see the world when I woke up was the best feeling! Thank you, Dr. Updegraff and your entire staff for giving me the gift of vision again.”
Katherine Hatch (LASIK, March 2014)

“The procedure was quick and easy, recovery time was extremely fast and I would recommend getting LASIK from Dr. Updegraff to everyone! I’m just sorry I didn’t get LASIK sooner.”
Melissa Guzman (LASIK, March 2014)

“Dr. Updegraff and his staff are courteous and professional, providing a matter-of-fact explanation for the LASIK procedure. You’ll feel you’re in the best hands possible because you will be.”
Gabriele Dionne (LASIK, March 2014)

“The staff at Updegraff Laser Vision is friendly and informative. After receiving LASIK, the world is so much sharper and brighter—it’s truly amazing. I think that everyone who is tired of the inconveniences of glasses and contact lenses should seriously consider getting LASIK.”
Jennifer Page (LASIK, March 2014)

“I had my LASIK surgery 4 days ago and I’m still amazed that I can see! I had bad eyes for about 18 years and 10 of those years I was almost legally blind. To be able to see crystal clear is such a beautiful feeling it makes me want to cry. Dr. Updegraff has changed my life. He and his team have been absolutely amazing before, during and after surgery. I can’t stop talking about how incredibly happy I am with my LASIK decision and choosing Dr. Updegraff as my doctor! Thank you SO much!”
Nikolett Biel (LASIK, January 2014)

“Dr. Updegraff is amazing! My sister, my dad and I all went to him for LASIK and PRK. He is the BEST, hands down. I recommend Dr. Updegraff to everyone who is considering LASIK.”
Leah Moore (LASIK, August 2013)

“I have worn contacts for over 20 years, but after getting repeated corneal infections from their use and international travel, I finally decided to get LASIK. I had a lot of questions, but my surgical coordinator was always quick to respond and very helpful from the start. In fact, all of the staff at Dr. Updegraff’s office were incredibly friendly and helpful, from the receptionist to the techs to the nurses and everyone in between. Going into the operating suite barely being able to distinguish the table from the floor, then sitting up a short time later and being able to see the clock on the wall was a pretty remarkable feeling. I felt very confident in Dr. Updegraff’s skills and experience, and I am delighting in the new eyes he gave me. Thank you!”
Kimberly Fleek (LASIK, June 2013)

“I am very happy with my outcome. My vision is even better than perfect now at 20/15. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Dr. Updegraff to have this procedure performed by. The staff is awesome too.”
Mike Sutherland (LASIK, May 2013)

“To summarize my LASIK experience with Updegraff Laser Vision would only take a word: amazing. As with most investments in health and finances in our lives, there’s a fair amount of anxieties, concerns, and questions. How these items are addressed go a long way towards making your choice for a LASIK care provider. From my initial consultation, throughout my surgery, Dr. Updegraff was the doctor who oversaw the entire process. You’re assured that his experience and professionalism is by your side throughout the pre-surgical, surgical, and post-surgical process. You’re not simply paying for the name on the building. You’re receiving care through the extremely capable hands of the world’s best, Dr. Steve Updegraff.

Early in the process, I was contacted by one of the exceptional Surgical Coordinators. She took the time and care, addressing all questions I had about the process. This included finances, medical concerns and the final results. Her quick response to my emails was extremely valuable in helping me feel comfortable with Updegraff Laser Vision. On surgery day, the staff took great care to make me feel comfortable in me pre-surgery prep, as well as after the procedure. An Operating Tech treated me like family, holding my hand with her small fingers, in times when I needed it the most. Her bedside manner was truly relaxing and appreciated.

Dr. Updegraff was amazing with his surgical precision, while maintaining a very narrative and relaxed atmosphere, throughout the course of the surgery. I truly do not believe you could ask for a more professional and capable surgeon or friend by your side. Dr. Updegraff is truly amazing in his ability to use experience and personality to give you the best treatment possible.

It is without any hesitation, that I’d recommend the team at Updegraff Laser Vision to anyone who may be considering LASIK. From the consultants to the operating techs, through the extremely experienced eyes of Dr. Updegraff, the entire process was extremely enjoyable and professional. In my opinion, when considering LASIK, the choice is clear. Dr. Updegraff and his team at Updegraff Laser Vision are simply the best.”
Tom Watkins (LASIK, March 2013)

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Updegraff, Dr. Behn and the entire staff at Updegraff Laser Vision for a superb experience. Getting LASIK surgery can be nerve-racking, but my time spent at the office was relaxing, efficient, and my money well spent! I will refer anyone and everyone to Dr. Updegraff for all of their eye care needs. You couldn’t ask for better service or nicer people.”
Sarah Norring (LASIK, 2013)

“I am overjoyed with the outcome of my LASIK procedure! The staff at Updegraff Laser Vision was very accommodating and walked me through the process each step of the way. Dr. Updegraff talks you through the entire procedure, easing any nerves that remain.”
Nicole Stalker (LASIK, 2013)

“I can’t believe I waited this long to get LASIK. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. If you’re thinking about having vision correct, think Updegraff! And don’t just talk about it—be about it!”
Jesse Crase (LASIK, 2013)

“Everyone told me how great and easy the process was for LASIK, but I’m shocked at how immediate the results were and how quick the surgery was. It was so effortless and painless. The staff exceeded my expectations and I would recommend LASIK and Updegraff Laser Vision to anyone. No one should hesitate getting rid of their glasses or contacts!”
Ian McElreath (LASIK, 2013)

“I love that I can see! I’m so amazed at what a quick procedure it was. Dr. Updegraff was awesome—he was very nice and humble. His staff was awesome too! I will definitely recommend Dr. Updegraff to anyone who needs LASIK.”
Johanna Howell (LASIK, 2013)

“My number one concern was the end result and Dr. Updegraff delivered the best possible outcome to me. Everything was so well explained every step of the way. It was impossible to be nervous or scared. The professionalism of the doctor and his staff made the entire process easy for me and had my family completely reassured.”
Kyle Randolph (LASIK, 2013)

“I found the staff to be extremely friendly and competent. Dr. Updegraff is a very down to earth guy that instantly instills confidence. It has only been one day and I am thrilled with the results.”
Donnie Miller (LASIK, 2013)

“I have had difficulty with my vision since the age of six. Soft contacts, hard contacts and glass never managed to sufficiently correct my vision. I came to Dr. Updegraff at the recommendation of my ophthalmologist. With great expectations, I met with the doctor and his staff. The LASIK surgery was a success, and I thank Dr. Updegraff and his staff for their expertise and kindness. I would recommend Updegraff Laser Vision to anyone considering LASIK surgery.”
Flora Nicholoudis (LASIK, 2013)

“I would really recommend Dr. Updegraff for anyone interested in getting LASIK surgery. The staff was warm and friendly and the surgery itself was a very easy process.”
Brent Robson (LASIK, 2013)

“Dr. Updegraff and the staff at Updegraff Laser Vision made the process very comfortable. The surgery was well explained both prior to being performed and during the actual procedure. I would recommend Dr. Updegraff to anyone considering LASIK.”
Bradley Martin (LASIK, 2013)

“After years of being fearful of having LASIK surgery, I could not be more satisfied with my results from Dr. Updegraff and his staff! Their professionalism and patient care was well above my expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Updegraff and his staff to anyone considering having LASIK. It is a life-changer!”
Todd Whitaker (LASIK, 2013)

“A great experience! The staff is very reassuring but most importantly, Dr. Updegraff is very reassuming during the procedure. The best part is when you can see immediately. I only wish I had done it sooner! Thank you Dr. Updegraff!”
Linda Conti (PRK/LK, 2013)

“I was extremely nervous going into the surgery. However, I was quickly put to ease because of the incredible care given by Dr. Updegraff and his staff. After only a few hours my vision was 20/20 and I had no discomfort. I would recommend Dr. Updegraff to anyone interested in LASIK.”
Erin Sanderson (LASIK, 2013)

“Everything went great! The staff was friendly and procedure was a pure success!”
Nathan Gibson (LASIK, 2013)

“Friends and coworkers told me that Updegraff Laser Vision was the best LASIK surgery center in Florida. After my experience, I have to agree. The staff was friendly and comforting. Dr. Updegraff answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. I chose PRK because of my physically demanding career and active lifestyle. On the day of the procedure, the staff was reassuring. During the procedure, Dr. Updegraff explained everything step by step. The PRK procedure was not painful, and I experienced only mild discomfort. I was even able to go out to dinner the night of the procedure with no eye irritation. I highly recommend Updegraff Laser Vision.”
Chris Baten (PRK, 2013)

“From the moment I stepped through the door, I knew this was going to be a good experience. Everyone at Updegraff Laser Vision made me feel at ease from the first appointment to the day I walked out of surgery. As anyone would be, I was a bit scared to undergo eye surgery. Everyone made sure I was well informed about the process and Dr. Updegraff walked me through each step—even giving the thumbs up to my husband during surgery. Now I see even BETTER than I did with glasses and couldn’t be happier!”
Katie Dunton (LASIK, 2013)

“From the moment I walked in, the staff treated me with the utmost care. They were extremely professional, courteous, encouraging and caring. Thank for my new vision and treating me so well!”
Chris Girardeau (LASIK, 2013)

“I chose PRK knowing the procedure involves a longer road to 20/20. However, Dr. Updegraff and his staff were great along all phases of my PRK experience. The entire process ran smoothly including what to expect before, during and after my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Updegraff and his team, they will make it happen!”
David (PRK, 2013)

“Thank goodness I made the decision to see if I was eligible for LASIK. After postponing for years, I regret not doing it sooner. The surgery will change my way of life. I will be independent from glasses, contacts and contact solution that I have used for 20+ years! I look forward to my new life and freedom!”
Megan O’Brien (LASIK, 2013)

“I highly recommend Dr. Updegraff and his team. Going through the entire process and procedure of LASIK with the Updegraff team was amazing. I was very comfortable throughout the entire experience. I now have 20/15 vision!”
Tim Opalenik (LASIK)

“Dr. Updegraff and his staff are all warm, comforting and extremely professional. They made the entire LASIK experience stress-free. The difference in my vision is night and day from where it was before. I would recommend Dr. Updegraff to anyone considering receiving LASIK.”
Elizabeth Calos (LASIK)

“Before deciding to get LASIK, my family and I researched all of the different doctors. We decided to go with Dr. Updegraff and could not be happier with our decision. My vision is perfect and Dr. Updegraff was wonderful. Dr. Behn saw me after the surgery and he was also very comforting. The staff at Updegraff Laser Vision were very sweet and welcoming and did their best to make my experience a great one. I am so thankful for the gift of vision that Dr. Updegraff has given me.”
Melisa Lopez (LASIK)

“I had wanted to get LASIK for quite some time but I was very nervous. I was referred from a cousin so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go through with the consultation and exam. Everyone at Updegraff Laser Vision made me feel so comfortable and Dr. Updegraff was just wonderful. I decided I wasn’t going to wait any longer and I had it done the following week. I am so excited and only wish I had done it sooner. I am now 20/20—yay! I’m very thankful. Thank you, Dr. Updegraff and your entire staff.”
Marisela Medina (LASIK)

“I originally went elsewhere to have the procedure, but had some problems. When I went back for my check-up, the optometrist didn’t even know what was wrong. I knew that I had to see the best, and that’s when I went to Dr. Updegraff. When I got to Updegraff Laser Vision they had all of the answers. Dr. Updegraff and his caring staff stayed three extra hours to correct my vision. Thank you for everything!”
Richard Dunn (LASIK)

“I waited many years to explore the possibility of LASIK, but I wish I hadn’t. My entire experience has been terrific. The staff at Updegraff Laser Vision was courteous, professional, prompt, and efficient. The surgery was simple and I could see right away! Dr. Updegraff inspires great confidence, and for good reason. ”
Margaret Matthews (LASIK)

“As an officer in the Marine Corps, I can’t be worried about glasses or contacts in the field. I wanted to go to one of the best for my surgery. My new vision is great and now I don’t have to be concerned with my eyes and I can concentrate more on the job. Thank you so much.”
Glenn Berdela Jr. (LASIK)

“After doing the research and then speaking with Dr. Updegraff, it quickly became apparent in my mind that he was the most qualified to perform the LASIK procedure on me. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”
Robert Devine (LASIK)

“I never even imagined life without glasses, but that’s what I’ve had for more than two years, thanks to Dr. Updegraff. No bad headaches from forgetting my glasses, no hassles running in the rain, and best of all, I get a clear, crisp view of the stars through my new telescope!”
Honey Rand, Ph.D. (LASIK)

“As a contact lens wearer for many years, on occasion I would fall asleep with them in and wake up thinking it’s either a miracle, or I fell asleep with my contacts in! Now I wake up every morning with a smile, as I can see clear across the room. I see as well today as I did with my contacts in, only I never have to take them out again! My world is now sharp, clear, and colorful, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I am absolutely thrilled! I would highly recommend all-laser LASIK with Dr. Updegraff. I would not have entrusted my vision to anyone else.”
Sherie Trindel (LASIK)

“When Steve first introduced us to LASIK in 1995, I was very interested. But, in my field excellent vision is critical. I wanted to see an excellent track record with long-term follow-up. With 30,000 procedures in 11+ years, we have that. We are very fortunate to have a pioneer in the LASIK procedure with unmatched expertise. More importantly, Steve is a consummate professional. His personality, compassion, ethics, intelligence, judgment and attention to detail are outstanding. As a physician I understand the importance of these qualities and have a great respect for and confidence in Steve. In short, he is a doctor’s doctor and I would not have had LASIK performed by anyone else. With great thanks to Steve and entire staff.”
John Kirk, M.D. (LASIK)

“After performing extensive research on the various LASIK procedures and those performing them, I decided to seek a consultation with Dr. Updegraff. From the first visit throughout all aspects of the surgery, he and his staff exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism and courteousness is second to none. Most importantly, the results of my surgery have been fantastic. During the post-op exam, being able to read at the 20/15 level was very exciting. Thanks to Dr. Updegraff and his staff.”
David McDonald (LASIK)

“This is the best present I ever gave myself!!”
Scott Burgett (LASIK)

“My bride-to-be is more beautiful than ever. I can’t wait to watch her come down the aisle with my new eyes!”
Scott Storma (LASIK)

“I have worn contacts and glasses for 15 years and have hassled with them since. Growing up, it was very difficult with sports and in college I always had to have backups when at games. Now I have the freedom back I always missed and I feel like a 25-year-old kid. I can’t wait to get back on the field and play with my new and better vision.”
Chris Pociask (LASIK)

“Dr. Updegraff and his staff are some of the most professional people I have ever met. My initial consultation was about 2 hours, I felt like I was there for 5 minutes! I know it’s surgery but it’s something everyone needs to experience. Kudos to the surgical staff the day of surgery for making me feel so cared for. Thanks again for a job well done!”
Jennifer Swift (LASIK)

“Updegraff Vision is a well-oiled machine; I appreciate their organization and professionalism. Thank you.”
Kimberly Burke (LASIK)

“Dr. Updegraff performed my LASIK surgery in 1998. Today, my vision is still better than 20/20. With Dr. Updegraff, I received great results that have stood the test of time.”
Danny Goss (LASIK, 1998)

“I decided to have LASIK more than 17 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. After 40 years of wearing glasses or contact lenses, I was finally able to see clearly without help. Waking up and being able to see was incredible! I have a very active lifestyle and love to scuba dive and play volleyball. Being able to see while diving was amazing and it also meant that I didn’t have to wear an expensive prescription scuba mask. Making it through a volleyball match without losing a contact—wonderful! Buying regular sunglasses—also fantastic! My only regret is that I waited so long to have it done!”
Jeff Joerin (LASIK, 1997)

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