LASIK, A Family Affair

December 10, 2013 3:48 pm Published by

Singh Family
For the Singh family LASIK has truly become a family affair. All five members of the Singh family spent their lives wearing glasses and contacts, until they decided to call Dr. Updegraff. They have graciously shared their experience and testimonials for everyone read.

Hardeep“As a physician, my vision is a major asset. After wearing hard gas permeable lenses for over 30 years, I decided it was time to get LASIK and Crystalens implants. My case was complicated because I had a severe astigmatism in one eye. I did my research and went to the best – Dr. Updegraff. It is the best decision I have made and I have referred my whole family.” -Hardeep Singh (Crystalens & LASIK patient)

Rowan“It feels great to be glasses-free, especially while reading and driving. The outcome of the surgery is truly magical. I highly recommend Dr. Updegraff and his fantastic staff.” -Rowan Singh (LASIK patient)

Simi“After dealing with contact lens complications (styes and dry eyes) for years, I decided to go ahead with LASIK before starting medical school. It has been almost a decade since I met Dr. Updegraff and my vision is still better than 20/20. Waking up everyday with clear vision has been a life changer. Thank you to Dr. Updegraff and his staff!”-Simi Singh (LASIK patient)

Kyli“I have worn glasses and contacts since childhood and was never satisfied with either correction, so I knew it was time for a change. Without a doubt, I had an excellent experience from the time I walked into the office – Dr. Updegraff and his staff are dedicated to customer service and made the surgery quick and easy. LASIK has changed my life for the better.” -Kyli Singh (LASIK patient)

David“I am next in line to receive LASIK! I just started wearing contact lenses and I already cannot wait to go to Dr. Updegraff!” -David Singh (Future patient)

We want to thank the Singh family for their kind words and let them know we are honored to have them as a part of our Updegraff Laser Vision family.

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