You get what you pay for. This was the best investment I have ever made.”
–Bill McQueen, Precision LASIK™ by Updegraff patient, 1999

Since beginning his practice in 1996, Dr. Updegraff has striven to provide the best care and results for each of his patients, with no hidden fees, extra costs, or “upgrades” to better technology. That’s why every Precision LASIK™ by Updegraff procedure includes blade-free, Wavefront-Guided LASIK with Iris Recognition, as the standard of care.

Dr. Updegraff, the Laser Guy, believes this particular combination of technologies and techniques provides the best outcomes, so it’s the only type of LASIK he offers. Unlike other LASIK facilities, we don’t offer a buffet-style menu of options and “upgrades” for you to choose from – Dr. Updegraff provides only current technology and techniques for each of his patients. As he always says, “I would want no less for myself or my family members.”

PLEASE NOTE: Dr. Updegraff will only recommend that you have LASIK if it is the best option for you. His surgical recommendation will be based on what is safest, most precise, most predictable, and best for your individual eyes.

Dr. Updegraff has always been a firm believer in an all-inclusive fee structure. The cost for each Precision LASIK™ surgery includes the following:

  • Comprehensive LASIK screening with state-of-the-art technology to determine candidacy
  • Multiple sets of pre-operative measurements
  • State-of-the-art, blade-free, Wavefront-Guided LASIK with Iris Recognition
  • Surgeon fee
  • Surgical and facility costs
  • Pre-operative medicines, if needed
  • All post-operative visits

In the event that you need an enhancement, the fee also includes the enhancement for up to one year from the date of surgery. It is very rare that an enhancement is needed after the first year as long as you follow your post-operative schedule. If you need a retreatment, it is essential to have it done within 12 months of having all-laser LASIK. Flaps created with blade-free LASIK form a much stronger bond than those created with a blade, and so enhancements must be performed early. Now more than ever, “lifetime guarantees” just don’t make any sense when it comes to quality LASIK.

We offer interest-free financing for Precision LASIK™ through CareCredit. For credit pre-approval and to apply online.
care credit
LASIK is rarely covered by an insurance policy. Many times, facilities will give “discounts” based on your insurance coverage. Many times, these “discounts” are not related in any way to a specific carrier and are more of a ploy to have you make a hasty decision to schedule LASIK with them.

Many patients use their tax-free Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars for LASIK. We can help you organize a timeline for this and we encourage you to first find out if you are a candidate (by attending a screening or consultation) before saving in your account.

Dr. Updegraff’s professional consultants are available to help guide you with any financing or Flexible Spending questions you may have, to help you prepare for your Precision LASIK™ by Updegraff surgery.