Cost of LASIK vs Contacts

March 14, 2016 2:33 pm Published by


There are a number of reasons having LASIK is extremely beneficial. Most obvious is the drastic improvement in vision it can produce. After having LASIK surgery, most patients enjoy very clear natural vision. Among other things, this allows them to enjoy a much more active lifestyle and pursue activities that glasses and contacts may have once limited them in.

From a medical standpoint, it can also be argued that LASIK is actually better for the eyes than continuously wearing contacts, particularly those worn for extended periods of time. Recent scientific studies point out the serious risks of contact lens wear, and show that these risks may be higher than the potential surgical risks of LASIK.

Additionally, having LASIK eliminates the expense of continually purchasing glasses, contacts, solution, and everything else needed to see clearly. Overtime a life time of contacts and glasses usage, this adds up to a COST SAVINGS for most patients.

For many, it is the initial investment of LASIK that causes hesitation. Please review our quick infographic of the cost estimates over 20 years of glasses and contacts usage. You will see LASIK is not only a better investment for your eyes, it’s a wiser investment for you financially.Cost of Lasik Vs Contacts

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